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 Island Food To Go will re-open in Washington DC to cater to family and business in the DMV area.

Virtual deliveries can be ordered through Grub-Hub, Door Dash and Uber Eats.

Our company will focus on Lunch through our mobile food truck and dinner catering and will be open until 2AM.

We will be closed Sundays for Worship and Mondays for restocking and administration.

We are in the process of raising $100,000 to cover the following.

  • DC Location

  • Food Truck

  • Operation and marketing expense

As a business sponsor we offer each sponsor a family or business free catering package once every 90 days.


FREE Family  Dinners 

Order 10 to 20 servings to share with family or save for multiple meals later. Free for business partners or sponsors.

Packed Lunch

Free Employee Dinners

Treat your employees to our catered meals minimum order 10 or more. Free for business partners or sponsors.

Business Sponsors $5,000

Since 2018 we have used paid advertisement with Google and Facebook to promote and drive traffic to our business and with the support of our delivery partners such as Door Dash, Uber and Grub Hub delivery services we were able to expand our public relations more.

  • Supporting sponsors will be invited to 1st 2023 business expo and dinner party where they will have 1 reserved table (Only 5 Tables) for five guest which includes dinner and 1 bottle of wine.  Business sponsors representee will also be given 3 minutes to introduce what their business is about.


  • We will be printing 10,000 menus with our sponsors logo at bottom of the menus. These menus will be inserted into our delivery bags for Uber eats, Door Dash and Grub Hub delivery services to our clients.

  • In addition, we will be printing 10,000 delivery bags with our sponsors logo and business support information on the sides.

  • Our main Food Trucks will also showcase each business that supports our business and link their business cards direct to their business website.

Out Shopping


Include your business info & logo on our take out Bag use by Uber, Door-dash and Grub Hub for deliveries for 1 year on 10,000 bags. 


IFTG Food Truck

Featured on our website at 



Sponsor info and logo on our take out menu for 1 year on 10,000 menu.







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