1 Ackee/Salt fish

1 Ackee/Salt fish



Ackee/Salt fish

Why we recommend pre-ordering for "COOK TO ORDER"  meals.

We are asking all customers with large orders or and products labeled "COOK TO ORDER" to pre-order at least 4 hours in advance by texting your order to 571-497-8816. To resolve this issue we are working to secure a second generation restaurant where we can have unlimited access gas stove that will allow us to cook multiple meals to reduce the wait time. 

After 9/30/2020 if we do not find a location in Virginia, we will not be offering "cook to order" meals only meals that does not the label "COOK TO ORDER"

Thanks you for understanding.

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Current Location until 9/30/20:Chefscape Kitchen, Leesburg, VA


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